Mass Market Alternatives
This proposal uses an algorithmic process to generate lines of suburban homes optimized for mass production, for buyers looking for homes that break from the vernacular pastiche currently dominating the American suburban real estate market. Their algorithmic origins also cast them as a running experiment in domesticity. Generated at random, their floor plans challenge the status quo and open new conversations about the American suburban lifestyle. The materials for this project are currently featured in a travelling exhibition. From the exhibition conceptual statement: Industrialization has had a profound effect on the American suburb. Only American audacity could have concocted and executed the formula for mass-produced homes that dominates the suburban real estate market in the United States. And only in America could such a formula become an economic and political juggernaut, making places where matters of personal taste are amplified into cultural bulwarks. “Mass Market Alternatives” seeks to exploit the economic leverage and aesthetic principles of mass-market suburban housing in order to diversify its potential customer base and challenge the reputation of the suburbs as enclaves of conservatism and political conformity. March 8, 2017 - May 31, 2017: Pinkcomma Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts Sept 1, 2017 - Oct 1, 2017: School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois Mass Market Alternatives in the media: CNN Tech Archinect Fast Company Texas Architect For development opportunities, please contact special thanks to MAS CONTEXT for supporting this project